Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Concentration Year - Seminar Announcements

Dear Concentration Year Seminar students,

As you review your Field Seminar III assignments for the semester, we want to provide you with some helpful links.  

Each of you will complete a written Case Presentation. (Some of you will also present your case orally as time permits, others may present orally in the second semester). Please use the following template to write-up and turn in your Case Presentation:
Macro Case Presentation Template

In addition, remember you can find all your field forms, including the Learning Agreements/CSE, Field Time Logs, Process Recording Logs, Process Recording forms, Audio-Visual Process recording, etc. are located on the website:

  *Please remember as you begin to develop your learning agreement that you utilize the correct template, it should say either Community or Clinical Concentration.
  **Also if your agency does not allow video or audio taping of clients, you must obtain your field seminar instructor's approval to record an alternate role play of a client session (micro) or presentation/interview (macro).

Many of you will have questions regarding your Capstone Proposals, so be sure to mark your calendars as Dr. Olivia Sevilla will be providing a mandatory overview of the Capstone requirements on Sept. 16th at 6:30 pm for PT students (Wynn #213) and on Sept. 18th at 3:10 pm for FT students (Wynn #212).

Lastly, we wanted to provide a link to all the seminar course readings, please access all articles using this link to a google drive folder:

Thank you, and we hope these links and reminders are helpful as you prepare for the year.


APU Field Faculty

Welcome New and Returning MSW Students!

Most of you are just starting your first or second week of internship, and we are excited to hear about your first impressions and what you are learning about your agency, the types of clients your will be serving and the needs in the community.

We hope that you found our APU Field Orientation and Field Re-Orientation meetings helpful as you begin field internship. If any of you would like to review the field orientation slides, you may access them online at

The MSW Field Manual for 2014-15 and related Field Forms can be accessed on our main website under "forms".  

If you have any questions or need support, please do not hesitate to speak with your Field Seminar Instructor, who will be your assigned Field Liaison.  Your full-time field faculty, Kim Setterlund, Director of Field Education (626) 857-2402, Cathy Fisher ext. 2767 (Concentration Year) and Louanna Bickham ext. 2766 (Foundation Year) are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding field training requirements. 

We look forward to a great year!